Having left my Graphic Design position I have since focused on helping small business owners develop their online and offline presence combined. Creating printed material such as business cards, flyers and brochures, while gaining rankings on the search engines for their niche fields. Some sites I have designed include CalimaCoffee.com and Actioncoachnorthryde.com.au.

I have also managed to get 1st page and the number 1 spot on the Google search engines for several local businesses, such as sofastudio.com.au, Smileconcepts and CelebrateSouthgate, who deal with highly competitive search terms, and beating companies such as IKEA and Freedom for the to spots.

So you could say I know a couple of golden nuggets when it comes to search engines and marketing online…

I also help in developing automated sales funnels and strategies that can not only build list of targeted leads for a business, but also segregate them into particular interests and demographics with relative ease.

I worked briefly with the ActionCOACH family, who provide business coaching to business owners of all walks of life, helping them make more money and work less time. My role here is to help the ActionCOACH clients in understanding the online landscape, develop effective strategies for them and execute these to deliver results on time.

I now focus my time delivering effective digital marketing solutions for a private higher education provider, with campuses in 4 major cities in Australia and delivering education on campus and online.



Roadshow Entertainment is the largest DVD/VHS Distributor in Australia. It releases titles for BBC, ABC, Roadshow Films, Warner Bros, Hopscotch and Reel amongst other. It releases music titles for ABC and Roadshow Music

As an in-house designer, I have been responsible for standard DVD sleeve design and advertising campaigns which include sophisticated special packaging design and intricate point of sale product.

My role has involved contributing to large-scale presentation design work to secure/update multi-million dollar contracts for Roadshow. Working as part of a small team we release up to 60+ new releases per month.

I have been involved in the development of on-line campaigns and advertising DVDs. The role has exposed me to a competitive market, constantly re-inventing itself to accumulate a greater market, within a large spectrum; starting from the ABC and BBC kids range and moving through the blockbuster Roadshow titles into the more niche market of Hopscotch and its independent releases.

Further back

I’ve also been involved with local government (Canterbury City Council) running Design, Music and Arts programs for local communities and youth. This has involved generating the marketing material for these, as well as organising the programs and hiring staff to assist.

My main passion apart from design, is music. I was a member of a band named Rastawookie


Of course, I got to do ALL the marketing/design work for the band, which has long disbanded, however, I’m still involved with my first music love, Drum n Bass. You can find out more through the <a type=””application/x-shockwave-flash”” href=”Foreigndub website. Check out Makoto Footage, whom we toured to Sydney from Japan.