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We believe that activity, good nutrition, and a positive outlook are at the center of being at a better place later in life compared to those leading a sedentary lifestyle. If we can encourage these habits in our communities, we have a much better chance of having a healthier, happy society in Australia.

How You Can Get Involved

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Volunteer Program

We’d love your help if you want to get involved in running activities and programs throughout your community. We work alongside small community groups and large organizations alike to increase our reach!

Sponsor/supplier Program

If you’d like to offer sponsorship, we’d love to have you onboard. Your organization gets to enjoy great exposure and involvement with the community while we purchase all major weekly incentives solely, from our list of suppliers.

Support the cause

You can get involved in many ways! If you are a large organization, you can support through sponsorship to help us spread the word. If you are an individual you can join the programs and also let your friends and family know!

What We Do

We want to ensure that current and future generations can live long healthy and active lifestyles. The best way to do this is through the development of positive habits in order to maintain a good rhythm in life with community activities and in the spirit of well being!

Our Story

Actadesso was born out of a deep desire to help shift the current lifestyle trends in the community. Less activity, exercise and community engagement leads to poor health and eventually chronic illness, which is on the rise in Australia and the world. We are on a mission to change this!

Ongoing Programs

Below you’ll find just some of the programs we propose to run within the community. These programs are designed to add options to keeping our community active!

Young family walks

Young family walks aimed at getting young family groups out walking and interacting with other young families in the community


Community beach sessions

Summertime in Australia means beach time, so it is only fitting to run these amazing community beach days where people not only get to be active but meet other members of their community while they enjoy the sun and sand!


Active toddlers

These small events will prove to be really popular, not only with mums but the dads too! Get outdoors with your little ones and show them the beautiful scenery of your community with other groups.


Old-school walks!

Our old school walks will become extremely popular, with more and more communities joining the weekly walks across various cities in Australia


Get involved today!

We will be taking a lead from, local Councils, NSW Dep. of Sports & Recreation
Clubs, World Health Organisation, Health & Wellbeing industry and the Heart Foundation, to name a few…


Where they have considerable expertise in this field. What they don’t often have is funds and man power to reach all corners, this is where volunteers, ideas and feedback are vital in getting assistance to where it is most needed or at least make progress.

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Encouraging the community to stay active

We plan to provide many incentives to those that are or about to commit to a healthy lifestyle
We hope to provide Activity Options that are Fun and Social, in the hope of making it a long-lasting commitment.

  • We will present community members that have maintained the Active lifestyle and showcase not only the longevity it can bring but the living a full life that comes hand in hand with it
  • We will be presenting high profile Sporting identities that have great Activity stories to inspire the community
  • We have connected too many health professionals and expert to give direction on the journey

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