How Do You Deal With The Never-ending Threats To The Continuity Of Your Business?

We are experiencing more frequent natural disasters, cybersecurity risks, and the unexpected pandemic – this means that it’s imperative to have a robust business continuity plan – ProServ and RPX Software is your answer.

ProServ Have Partnered With

We bring you the best solution for your business continuity plan, along with our guidance and expertise, to ensure you have the best chance to respond and recover from whatever comes your way!

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Here’s The Problem With How Business Continuity Normally ‘Happens’

Most organizations respond reactively to challenges or emergencies that happen to their environment, which means that the tools used to manage the process are usually disconnected at best, with little to no training attached, or completely non-existent in worst scenarios…

So when disaster strikes, like a major environmental disruption or maybe a global pandemic hits, your organization could come to grinding halt, before managing to get into a reactive mode and start a recovery process..

This get even words if all your processes and manual, labour intensive or reliant on a hanful of people who may not be readily available!

How Does RPX Tackle This?

Recovery Planner’s RPX  brings the entire process together. Everything from planning, testing, notifications, incident management, risk mitigation and more – ALL packed into one responsive software solution that you can deploy with ProServ’s expertise by your side!

The RPX Solution!

The RPX platform is an all in one Central is the only solution on the market to streamline business continuity initiatives into one simple offering. Build and manage your BC strategy— plan, train, test, alert, and recover— all from one central hub. 

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Namaa Charity Association

Suleiman Almualem

“QuickScore is a leading balanced scorecard platform that contributed to the achievement of the 2018 Charity Work, Excellence Award in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It facilitated Namaa’s strategy execution and performance management in an easy, fast, and enjoyable manner”

Piraeus Bank Egypt

Gamal Moharam

“We needed a reliable, experienced partner to contribute to the installation of the new core banking system and flowcharting and redesign of the SOPs in both Arabic and English and have them published on the bank’s portal. ProServ committed and delivered in six months.”

Saudi Brothers

Pradeep Sharma

“ProServ was instrumental in implementing our balanced scorecard in QuickScore. The setup, training, and rolling out of the system to all subsidiaries was completed in less than three weeks.”