APRIL 28-30 2019

The strategy conference that puts people at the heart of it all. Learn how to bring your strategy to life by creating and executing your strategic vision.
Engage is the conference that values execution over theory – and people over ideas. Unlock the power of your strongest asset and build an organization that is passionate, single-minded and relentless in the pursuit of its goals

Who should attend?

If you are involved in the strategy for your organization, this conference is perfect for you, particularly if you are struggling with getting your team on the same page or getting everyone to execute the strategy effectively. We have not only focused on the theories and innovative ideas to help you develop your strategy, but also give you real, actionable content through smaller workshops, that you can execute at the conference or with your team back at the office…

The conference is also perfect for Cascade Strategy customers and partners, as we’ll also present some of our actionable workshops solely focused on Cascade. Cascade’s leadership team from Australia and Portland will be together to share with you how the best practices in the conference can be applied in real life.

This is a global conference.  We will have attendees from 5 different continents…


Create a tidal wave of excitement and energy around strategy throughout your organization

Keep your teams focused and on-track with their goals through good times and bad

Power-up your business performance by unlocking strategic insights.

PLUS: We’ll also give you a glimpse into the future of strategy and how trends like Artificial Intelligence will change the way that organizations think and act.

Learn from the best

We’re bringing in real life experts who want to help you become better at strategy. These are people that ACTUALLY run businesses of all sizes, ready to share their insights with you and help you along the way. You also have the benefit of having the Cascade team members from Portland and Australia, ready to give you hands-on guidance and support

Form valuable connections

Unlike other conferences, engage will be an intimate event with limited attendance. This is done strategically to allow you to not only get to know all the attendees and share knowledge but also to allow our team to personally help you.


Don’t expect a standard conference here. The actionable sessions are only a small part of what will make Engage so unique. Your ticket also includes free Engage Accelerator workshops, delicious food options, unique social events and creative surprises — all in the heart of beautiful Portland – Oregon

Pricing and registration

Our early bird tickets have sold out, but you can still save if you get second release tickets! We also have deals for accommodation (see below)


Stay at the Hilton Hotel and enjoy the benefit of staying where the conference takes place at a discounted price!


Save 35% OFF the full price while supplies last!