Joe Polish tells a great Gary Halbert story about the power of taking action, even when you’re not sure of what you’re doing.

And if you sell big ticket items or ever plan to, this story also has a great strategy for quadrupling your sales as well.

Gary visited Joe at his office in Arizona one day and gave Joe some advice on a profitable mailing campaign Joe was running.

Gary told Joe that if he would simply follow up with phone calls to each prospect, he would quadruple the amount of sales he was making. And since it was a very high-priced item they were selling, it would be insane for Joe NOT to do it.

Joe agreed it was a good idea, but did Joe do it? No.

So a month later when Gary comes to visit again, he instructs Joe to withdraw $21,000 in $50 bills from the bank, which Joe does. Obviously Joe trusted Gary a great deal for him to simply withdraw all of this money in cash and hand it over to Gary.

So what does Gary do? He calls a team meeting of Joe’s people. With everyone gathered around the table, Gary starts ripping the bands off each stack of bills and throwing them up in the air and screaming, “You might as well piss away this $1,000, you might as well piss away this $1,000, and just keeps throwing money up and screaming. “Everyday you sit here and you don’t make phone calls, you might as well throw away $1,000, so get off your ass and make these calls and that means every single one of you, and don’t be bitching about how you need to make more money when you’re sitting working on all kinds of other crap that isn’t making you any money. All you have to do is just simply pick up the damn phone and call the people that you sent the letter to and say, “Hey, I sent you a letter, would you like to buy ___?” If you do that, and that alone, you’re going to increase your sales.”

Gary was always rather direct in his communication. 🙂

So Joe rented a hotel room and stuck three temporary employees in there making phones calls. Result? They made a bunch of sales and a ton of cash.

See? You don’t have to know everything before you do something. It’s better to jump on that phone and say something stupid to a prospect than to never speak to that prospect at all.

I once read the autobiography of an insurance salesman who was perhaps the shyest, quietest person in the world. But what he could do was pick up a phone, call somebody and say, “I don’t suppose you want to buy any insurance, do you?” The guy made millions. I’ve also heard similar stories about new car salesmen who copied this same technique: “You don’t want to buy a car, do you?”

Of course they could have waited until they had more confidence, until they got their sales speech down perfect, until they had an answer for every objection. But instead, they simply got to work without over thinking anything.

Movement is better than meditation.

So get moving – you’ll be surprised by the doors that begin opening for you when you do.