Finally, A Platform To Keep Your Entire Team Focused On What Really Drives Growth

Whether your team’s embarking on a new strategy, an exciting product launch, or executing an ambitious plan, ProServ alongside the Cascade platform has you covered.

Introducing our secret weapon…

We not only have the experience, the tools, the blueprint, and guidance to take you through the complete strategic process, but we are also the ONLY Certified Partner in this region, to the best strategy execution platform available on the market: Cascade Strategy!

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Here’s The Problem With How Strategy Normally ‘Happens’

You’re using a range of tools that are great at specific things. But that’s not the same as having a team that works in a focused, collaborative, and highly-efficient way…

There’s a huge disconnect between the tools we use to plan our work, manage our goals, projects & tasks, and how we report on how well the business is going.

In other words…you might be producing a ton of output, but nowhere near as many real outcomes as you’re capable of since your team eventually loses track of those key objectives that you set out to achieve at the very start of the process!

How Does Cascade Solve This?

Cascade brings plans, actions, and results together in a way no other platform can, so you and your team succeed faster, without forcing your team members to necessarily stop using their day-to-day tools!

The old way!

Disconnected plans, processes, and reports with no clear link to main objectives or teams involved…

The Cascade way!

Your planning, activity, and the result are all living in Cascade for everyone to see, no matter what tools you use!

Introducing Your 3 in 1 Strategy Solution

This is why Cascade is the world’s No.1 strategy to execution platform on the market…

Plan YOUR way

Get your ideas and plans in! New ideas and plans need a dynamic place to thrive rather than sitting in a static presentation or spreadsheet!

  • Build your plan fast and in a dynamic space, so that it moves with you
  • Create team objectives, projects, and KPIs with ease
  • Cascade helps your plans align to the big picture at a team and organizational level!


Get everyone in DO mode! (where the MAGIC happens!)

Simply assigning projects & tasks doesn’t work. Teams need to come with you on the journey, motivated by common goals!

  • Manage everyday tasks with confidence that they link back to the big picture
  • Integrate your efforts with your calendar and favorite tools, so that you stay focused and aligned
  • Empower your team(s) to work their own way, but still maintain a single source of truth!

Measure Results!

Measure team results together! Don’t get caught in the clutter of ‘work’. Track success as it happens – from objectives to KPIs and everyday tasks!!

  • Track manually or automatically, and at the frequency that works for you
  • Use Dashboards & Snapshots to analyze your team’s performance. Cascade serves as a true compass for teams and organizations
  • Extensive integrations to other apps bring your KPI data together in one place to drive growth & results!

Ready To See What Cascade & ProServ Can Do For You?

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Namaa Charity Association

Suleiman Almualem

“QuickScore is a leading balanced scorecard platform that contributed to the achievement of the 2018 Charity Work, Excellence Award in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It facilitated Namaa’s strategy execution and performance management in an easy, fast, and enjoyable manner”

Piraeus Bank Egypt

Gamal Moharam

“We needed a reliable, experienced partner to contribute to the installation of the new core banking system and flowcharting and redesign of the SOPs in both Arabic and English and have them published on the bank’s portal. ProServ committed and delivered in six months.”

Saudi Brothers

Pradeep Sharma

“ProServ was instrumental in implementing our balanced scorecard in QuickScore. The setup, training, and rolling out of the system to all subsidiaries was completed in less than three weeks.”