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We have a wide range of speakers presenting over the course of two days which will both insight, entertain and challenge your thoughts. Talks will vary from strategic principals in practice, right through the future of strategy in terms of common trends and the use of new technologies, such as AI and Machine learning.

Regina Perkins

Senior Principal – The Clearing

Tom Wright

Co-founder & CEO at Cascade Strategy

Brad Berens, Ph.D.

Chief Strategy Officer, Center for the Digital Future

Shari Burk

Vision Platform

Dan Meub

Executive Coach & Strategic Consultant

Anthony Taylor

Strategy Consultant – Blogger

Dave Bursell

Vice President of Global Business Development

John Tauer

Non-Profit CSO – Principle at CLA (Clifton Larson Allen)

Mark A. Pfister

‘The Board

Kevin Ilcisin

Vice President – National Instruments

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Featured Speakers

Regina Perkins

Senior Principal - The Clearing

Regina Perkins is a leading organizational consultant, master facilitator, executive advisor, strategic planner, and change agent. Her primary focus is working with executives and leadership groups to affect strategic change, transformation, and growth within organizations.

She specializes in partnering with senior executives to shape and achieve their visions. This work includes leadership development and coaching, organizational assessment and development, performance management and measurement, large-scale facilitation and training, and strategy design and execution
Ms. Perkins has successfully partnered with senior leaders for more than 25 years in federal, commercial, non-profit, and international organizations. She employs a wide range of disciplines and methodologies to assist organizations with developing and implementing transformational strategies that engage and empower stakeholders.

These partnerships have resulted in significant increases in strategic alignment, communication, collaboration, and innovation leading to improved performance and realized business results.

Culture: The Secret Ingredient for Successful Enterprise Strategy

Leaders and their teams too often develop strategies absent consideration for the culture within which they operate. Strategies cognizant of culture enable leaders to realize transformational change. In this discussion, Regina Perkins of The Clearing, Inc. -- a Washington, D.C. based strategic consultancy -- will discuss the five key conversations to building successful strategies and how culture underpins all of it.

When looking at organizations who are successful at strategy implementation, their leadership teams are often aligned around five key conversations: the current state of the organization, the environmental constraints that act against them, what is at stake for the organization if the status quo persists, the desired future state, and the strategy that will move the organization from the current to future state.

However, the alignment of those five conversations is not enough. With a shared perspective to the desired future state and the strategy to achieve their objectives, leaders must intentionally account for culture and introduce and enact their strategy within that context. Defined as the line that separates the behaviors that are tolerated from the behaviors that are not tolerated within an organization, culture is the biggest off-balance sheet asset an organization has.

Culture dictates what plans, strategies, and ideas get enacted. Strategy absent consideration for culture will fail to realize its full potential to create impact and stimulate meaningful change. Drawing upon deep experience helping organizations develop and implement successful strategies, this talk will explore how culture underpins any successful strategy implementation. We will discuss what leaders can do today to enact a culture shift that advances their own strategy.

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