First of all, do you even an an “About us” Page? If you’re a one person show, it could be an “about me” page or you might include your spouse and family to make it an “us” page. Regardless, you really do need a page on your website where you can tell visitors a little bit about yourself.

Robert Cialdini has something to say about how you can use your “About us” page to influence your visitors into liking you and yes, buying from you. Instead of a stuffy bio of, “I attended blah blah college and got a blah blah degree and then worked for blah blah,” try adding a more personal touch. He uses as an example of what to do, and then takes it a step or two further in this article written by Roger Dooley.

Be sure to read to the end – there’s reference to a fascinating study that had pairs of participants negotiating via email. One group revealed personal details, the other did not, and the difference in outcome was staggering.

When you finish the article, go to your own “about us” page and do some tinkering. It will likely take you only a few minutes, but the long term benefits could be substantial.